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Hello all,

I've moved and will no longer blogging from here. I'll be at

See you there!


Love is in the air..

I attended two weddings in October so far. Both were beautiful weddings and marked my first wedding experience in Perth. Unfortunately for the first wedding that I attended on 10.10.2010, there was no photos taken as it was raining heavily the whole day, causing us in quite a mess. Still, the wedding is beautiful!

I shall share some photos taken in the second wedding instead since it was a bright shiny day, definitely a favourable condition for photos :)

Cute flower boy and girl...

Yvonne is smiling happily the whole day..
Time for the rings..
and time to seal the love..
The first time us four attending a wedding together..
Guys are looking all smart..
Love this beautiful photo of us housemates..
and the prettiest flower girl!

Simon & Rachel, BoonWai & Yvonne..
Through the storms of life, may your love for one another be strong. Wishing you a wonderful journey as you build your new life together!


Not because of what I've done

A song that I've been listening to lately. Like a million times.

God is Love. He loves me not because what I've done for him. Lord God himself is Love. He never let go of me. Because of His love, I am excited about my next chapter. Thank you Lord!


Rainbow is all I want to see...

I was troubled and confused. Couldn't see anything else but the dark clouds. Kept chasing after the sun but all I've got are stumbling blocks. That doesn't mean I would give up. I know I will get there one day. So, I will not stop chasing until I reach the top. Fingers crossed that parents would approve.

Recent outings with dearies..








ps: I dislike my fringe. I look so 'cina-ish'... blerrr


Loved like never before..

It's been three weeks since I'm back from Malaysia now. Thou I wouldn't say I miss the lifestyle back home, every single time when I think about my trip, I grin from ear to ear. I felt so loved and blessed like never before. Everything about this trip touched me deeply to the bottom of my heart!

'Home Sweet Home'. A simple phrase but have you ever come to understand the significance behind it? I finally came to realized the deep meaning behind this. No matter what, home is definitely a place I find strength, love and courage again. Love and care from parents were overwhelming the whole time. Food that I crave for was always prepared for me. Asking me to have some good rest at home instead of helping them out at shop. Shopping was initiated and paid for. My mum travelled with me for my IELTS test and took care of me the whole journey as if I'm a 12 years old. For the very first time, I had my father waiting for me while I was at hospital for ultra-sound scans. The funniest thing ever was my father kept driving outside the clinic that I was in because he was too shy to let me know that he was worried. :D All my wishes were fulfilled by my lovely parents. What's more to have sincere friends that went extra mile to ensure I have a fantastic trip. These friendships are truly genuine and valuable. Thank you my dear friends.

There's tonnes to share but I am not in a good shape to continue. I am getting emotional here whilst I'm typing this. Time to stop and post up photos. Not much photos was taken due to the superb ugly bangs that I have. Definitely a shame :(

Su Anne and Jenn travelled from Singapore to meet me up in KL. I was thrilled when they told me they are coming! Love u both!
We visited toilet bowl themed restaurant.
Look at how cute my meal was..
The seats that we were seating on.
We spent some good time with the Taiwanese aunties and uncle as well. They were the nicest people you will ever meet. Thank you for bringing us around and bought us good food :)
The dimsum that I'm currently addicted to.. It's avocado inside!
My all-time favourite..
It's time to send Jenn & Susu off..
I nearly cried when they were leaving. I will always remember the good times that we spent.
First time to Delicious and I fell in love with their food..
Mr. Chau that took leave and travelled from Penang. Thank you old friend :)
The only decent photo of myself.
Rm20+ for a cup of yoghurt.. bleh..
Awesome dinner session which marked my first time trying out ostrich meat.
Vivien and Thomas. The KL-lang..
It was great catching up with you again Thomas. Hope we could spend more time the next time we meet up :)
My siao cha bo..
Dessert that comes naturally after dinner.

Call me slow.. I only get to try out green tea frappucino during this trip and I'm addicted to it!
4 hours karaoke along with drinks and food which costed us Rm10 each!!!!!!! Where else can i get this??
One that I'll never missed out.. My darling debbie!
Visited Full House finally..
This lady here is the sweetest ever. Thank you so much for the hospitality my dear Shirlene. Love ya!

I had the warmest trip ever.


Change? Or just a Phase?

I miss how i used to treat this place as my dairy, sharing about my thoughts and my feelings. I used to be so eager to share everything in this space of mine.

Why am I not sharing it any more? It just felt so open. More than what I thought it would be which it can be so scary sometimes.

It might be a change or just a phase that I am going through. We'll see.

In the meantime, I am back in Aussie land. A month holiday in Malaysia is awesome and also precious. Will share about it in the next post. I shall get back to rest now since i'm still sick.


Back to the place where I call it Home..

My blog seems so dead after the long hiatus i took since exam period. I wasn't in the mood to blog at all during that whole time so that explained the absence of mine.

Anyway, I am FINALLY back in Malaysia. Not yet home sweet home, but it's gonna be soon. I'm waiting in Starbucks for my next flight which is 6 hours away. Too lazy to make a trip and check in to a hotel so might as well spend it in the airport. As long as there's a power points, even without wifi, I can spend the whole time there :)

Happy holidays to myself and I shall start my holidays by catching up with series! Taa!